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Vehicle Scrapping Company Registered by Enviromental Protection Department – Phasing Out Pre-Euro IV Diesel Commercial Vehicles

Entacpro Co., Ltd. is a registered vehicle scrapping company
(Registration Number:0432)

Hotline / Whatsapp: 90800022 Whatsapp: 90800022

Scrapping Process

  1. Bring your vehicle with its vehicle registration document to our company parking.
  2. Photo of the chassis need to be taken with the serial number (needs to be the same as vehicle registration document) clearly being shown before we scrap the vehile.
  3. We will release a Vehicle Scrapping Certificate with proper format to the registered vehicle owner, and
  4. We will complete part B and C of the application form of ex-gratia payment (TD605A) for the vehicle owner, with the photo of the chassis serial number pasted.
  5. Vehicle owner need to submit the Vehicle Scrapping Certificate released by us, duly completed Notification for Cancellation of Vehicle Registration, Vehicle Registration Document and Vehicle Licence (TD184) of the vehicle to transport department.
  6. After vehicle registration is cancelled, vehicle owner can apply the ex-gratia payment from the transport department. The application needs to have its part A and B (TD605A) filled in by us with the photo of the chassis serial number taken before the vehicle was scrapped.

Please contact Peter Leung at (852) 2488-0322 or 9080-0022,
or send email to [email protected] for enquiries.

Details - Phasing Out Pre-Euro IV Diesel Commercial Vehicles

Eligibility Criteria

The vehicle under application and the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  1. the vehicle is a DCV (i.e. a goods vehicle, light bus or non-franchised bus running on diesel) with a first registration date that falls within the dates specified in Table 1;
  2. the vehicle is registered or has applied for re-registration as of 10 January 2014;
  3. the vehicle is scrapped on or after 1 March 2014 by a vehicle scrapping company registered under the ex-gratia payment scheme;
  4. the registration of the vehicle is cancelled after it is scrapped;
  5. on the day when the registration is cancelled, the vehicle has a valid vehicle licence;
  6. the applicant for the ex-gratia payment is the registered owner of the vehicle when it is scrapped and its registration is cancelled; and
  7. the vehicle has not been approved to retain eligibility for the grant under the special arrangement for the incentive scheme for replacement of Euro II DCVs.
Application Procedures
The applicant needs to scrap his / her pre-Euro IV DCV within the period between 1 March 2014 and the respective ex-gratia payment application deadline (both dates inclusive) by a vehicle scrapping company registered under the scheme, and then notify the Commissioner for Transport of such scrapping with a Vehicle Scrapping Certificate issued by the vehicle scrapping company for cancelling the vehicle’s registration. Within three months after the vehicle is scrapped and NOT later than the respective application deadline, the applicant should submit an application for ex-gratia payment to TD together with a photo showing the vehicle’s unique chassis number taken by the vehicle scrapping company before the vehicle is scrapped. The ex-gratia payment application form and the relevant information for application can be found at TD’s website.